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Hello!  It is so exciting being a Third Grade Teacher at Verndale Public School!  Teaching and spending time with children is a passion of mine, so this year is going to be a great one for me and for my students!  I can't wait.
Teaching isn't my only passion.  I love spending time with my husband, Jake, our seven year old son, Michael, and our 21 month old son, Simon, too. He and Michael are such joys and blessings to my husband and to me, and I am so grateful to God for my lovely little family.
I have many interests and hobbies.  Some of them are playing piano, singing, reading mystery novels, wearing "sparkles", four-wheeling, hiking, and observing all the different kinds of nature in our beautiful world, especially animals and certain insects like butterflies and fireflies!  I am so excited to discover all of the hobbies and interests that my students have and to learn much more about each of them! Life is good!


Classroom Schedule for Mrs. Uselman's Third Grade:Box of notes - Click image to download.

8:05- 8:20- Students arrive and begin morning deskwork.

8:20- School begins with the Pledge.

8:20- 8:30-  Morning Meeting

8:30- 10:40-  Literacy-Reading Block, EIR, Writing Block

10:40- 11:30-  Recess and Lunch

11:30- 11:50-  Grammar

11:50-12:50-  Math

12:50- 1:20- WIN time

1:23-2:10-  Music and Gym

2:10-2:25-   Snack and "Listen to Reading

2:25- 2:50- Science/ Social/ Computer 

2:50-3:00- End of Day wrap-up

3:00- 3:05-  Pack and Dismissal 

Friday mornings at 10:00, Mr. Nelson will be coming into the classroom to do a lesson with the students.  Library will take place on Monday mornings at 8:30 AM, so be sure that your children return their library books every Monday!!! :)