Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Welcome to the Library home page!

This year has gotten off to a early start.  I am still catching up. year. I am enjoying the students and staff . As always, the elementary students have a lot of information to share. We encourage students to read at there reading level. The school's new website is under the library link:


A few things to look forward to are:  The first Book Fair (BOOKANEER-WHERE BOOKS ARE THE TREASURE) The dates are November 7th 3:30-7:30-8th&9th, 8-3, 10th 8-7 (Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held 3:30-7:00. Lunch with someone special will be Wednesday, Nov. 9th. 


The Spring Book Fair (which is also BOGO(Buy One, Get One) book fair, will be April 24th-2th. It may coincide with Family Fun Night You are welcome to visit the bookfair Mon-Fri, the library closes at 3:00. Don't miss out!!  Make sure to check the school's website for more information on this.


Our pop tab collections will take place starting in January.  Make sure you are saving all your pop tabs!! We received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ronald McDonald House Ride.  Our total they picked up from just our school was 265#.  That will help a family to stay for a week.  I am so proud.  Good work.


    We do have balloons for sale again this year.  Birthday, Sport etc.  Just give me a call (218-445-5184 ext. 317)

  It is my goal to provide an environment where lifelong habits of learning, self-improvement and self-expression are encouraged and where students can meet their educational and informational needs.

If you have any concerns or questions of the Library, please call 218-445-5184 ext 317

Thank you for your support.  Kathy Johnson

We are looking forward to planning for the Holiday Store again in December.  Donations are always welcome and volunteers.  Any questions please call (Kathy Johnson-445-5184 ext 317)

Pop tab in great progress.  Reminder of BOGO Spring book fair Apris 18th-22nd.

Special for Grad Balloon Bouquets:

If interested, please pre-order, so I have them in stock.  Thank you.