December 17th, 2017

Elementary Teachers

Welcome to the Verndale Elementary! We are a two section school with small class sizes. We are proud to be able to provide our students with many "extra" curricular opportunities including all day everyday Kindergarten, everyday Physical Education and Music Classes, fifth and sixth grade band & computers and many more! We encourage parents to explore the classroom links listed below for each teacher and their classroom.

3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgBecky Ludovissie - Preschool 3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgKelli Roline - 5th & 6th Reading
3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgJennifer Veronen - Kindergarten 3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgArt Schluttner - 5th Grade
3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgJessica Miller - Kindergarten 3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgDiane Gillespie - 6th Grade
Alicia Jones - Kindergarten 3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgDan Johnson - 6th Grade
3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgMeagan Ferris - 1st Grade 3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgTim Seaton - Physical Education
Lisa Young - 1st Grade Rachel Dehn - Elem Band & Music
3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgLisa Paulson - 2nd Grade 3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgBonnie Richter - Special Education
3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgSara Ross - 2nd Grade 3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgKarla Hinzmann - Title One Teacher
3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgHeather Arroyo - K-2 Interventionist 3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgMatthew Parker - Speech Therapy
3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgRachel Johnson - 3rd Grade 3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgJamie Adams - Special Education
3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgMaria Uselman - 3rd Grade Val Schmitz - Special Education
3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgJennifer Blickenstaff - 4th Grade Teacher Pages
3124/3124_611968723_394.jpgVanessa Waldahl - 4th Grade

Lisa Paulson - Literacy Coordinator

 Previous Years Elementary Teachers

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