December 17th, 2017


 Building Project


March 8th Verndale School Board Special Meeting

Meeting #11

Verndale School Building

Task Force Committee

(Second Round)


  Wally Anderson                                             Steve Pickar

  Sandie Cottrell                                              Harvey Schoon

  Tony Glenz                                                    Tina Moenkedick

  Mike Lovelace                                                Art Schluttner

  Wade Kern                                                     Lee Tarrell

  Brian Roth                                                      Brenda Weniger

  Jim Madsen                                                    Chris Youngbauer (School Board)

  Jeremy Schwartz (School Board)                   Shyla Hess (School Board)

  Paul Brownlow (District Representative)          Brian Jacobson (District Representative)


  Preston Euerle (RA Morton)                            Jim Wilson (SGN Wendel)

  Becky Fulton (RA Morton)


Criteria and Objectives Established by the Task Force

The listening sessions provided input as to what the community feels the needs are for the district. This is structured in different categories (Educational, Physical, Community & Other). By narrowing the list of needs, we are able to focus on the important items for the Task Force to further evaluate. During the Task Force, the architect will be asked to TEAM in facilitating the meetings to make a final facilities decision to be presented to the School Board. With an approval to move ahead from the School Board, the marketing and communication to the community begins.

Click here to view the Executive Summary

2012 Proposed New Floor Plan -

Option G5 


Current Floor Plan

Square Footage

  Recommended  Exsisting  
Total Building88,000 - 102,00085,000
Locker Rooms1,500831
Elementary Gym6,0002,800
HS/MS Gym12,0006,800
Shop2,000 - 3,000985

Task Force Members for Meetings 1-6


Brian RothJoe HinkleBrad Cottrell
Art SchluttnerTara Erkenbrack Jeremy Schwartz
Brenda WenigerChris YounbauerTerry Boyd
Marcus EdinDanielle CardDan Card
Brian Jacobson Dallas Ehrmantraut Sandie Cottrell
Vickie Thompson   Greg MoenkedickChuck Dick 
 Harvey Schoon Tina MoenkedickPaul Brownlow 
Tony Glenz  Jeremy SchwartzMike Lovelace
Jim MadsenShyla Hess Don Weniger 
Dan Fisher   

Task Force Meetings

Pre-referendum Process packet - click here to view this document

Task Force Meeting #1 (4/23/12) - click here to view list of consideration 

Task Force Meeting #2 (4/30/12) - click here for Meeting Minutes #2  

 click here to view the Superintendent newspaper article (May 1, 2012)

Task Force Meeting #3 (5/7/12) - click here for the Agenda for Meeting #3

Task Force Meeting #4 (5/14/12) - click here for the Agenda for Meeting #4

Task Force Meeting #5 (5/21/12) - click here for Meeting #5 packet

  (floor  plans included),

  Tax Documents from Ehlers

Task Force Meeting #6 (5/31/12) - click here for the Agenda for Meeting #6




Executive Summary - Final

Superintendent Letter - May 21st, 2012

Superintendent Letter - May 14th, 2012

Superintendent Letter - May 7th, 2012

Superintendent Letter - May 1st, 2012

Superintendent Letter - April 24th, 2012

Verndale Sun Newspaper Article - March 29th, 2012