Breakfast/Hot Lunch Program

Breakfast and lunches will be served on a daily basis. All students must eat in the cafeteria even if they bring their own lunch. In order to serve our students with peanut allergies, the Verndale School does not serve products containing nuts or nut products. We also encourage students and parents to follow these same guidelines. The district will also provide an alternate product for students that are lactose intolerant.

The School Board has determined the following prices:   



Monthly $15.00


Weekly $9.50/Monthly $38.00

High School


Monthly $15.00


Weekly $10.00/Monthly $40.00


(Parents and visiting students are expected to pay the adult price for their meal.)

You can pay for meals online; visit the "Online Store" on our school website.

Foreign exhcange stuents receive free meals.

Milk tickets are sold for $2.50/10 punches or $5.00/20 punches

Free and reduced meals are available to families that qualify. An application may be picked up from the office. All meals and extra milk are to be paid for in advance or at the time of service. Students are not allowed to charge meals if their family lunch balance exceeds $20.00. Students will receive their meal number the first day of school. If you have any questions, please contact Vickie Thompson, Office Secretary, at 445-5184 ext. 301.


There are no files available for any categories.
At Verndale School all cooked items are either baked or steamed. We have no fryers in our kitchen.